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Cashew Toffee

Cashew Toffee-  First, using cashews imparts a totally different taste than “the usual nuts”.  We went rouge on this one, we haven’t come across anything close to it.

Still, we have to come up with a description for you.  We are challenged!  Okay, the best we can come up with is... you put Almond Rocha and Heath Toffee together, take the almonds out and replace them with Cashews, remove the commercial ingredients, then by some miracle put it back together and… you probably wouldn’t come up with anything close to tasting like Epiphany Pantry Cashew Toffee.  But that gives you a pretty good idea of the consistency... and you'll just have to taste it!

Approximately 5 oz per box, and you get 3 boxes!

Cashew Toffee

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