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  • How do you use Epiphany Caramelized Balsamic Vinegar?
    It’s incredibly easy! We suggest you start by just trying a little on any given food item or prepared dish. So, if you try it on a small portion odds are in your favor you’ll want it on the rest. You will become a Caramelized Balsamic Vinegar aficionado in no time. It goes a long, long way. On most things you want just a drizzle, then add more to your taste.
  • What can you use Caramelized Balsamic on?
    Far too many things to list! We actually hesitate to say! You see, it works on so many things; some seem contradictory until you try it. And we aren’t going to put you through naming everything. This is a short list: Fruit- Any. It truly is universal on fruit. Our favorites are Nectarines, Strawberries, Figs and Bananas. Dairy- Any Ice Cream, Gelato, Custard or Pudding. Cheesecake. Most Cheeses- There is some pretty weird cheeses out there, so we won’t say all. Very good on the creamier cheeses. Absolute heaven on Brie alone or with Brie and Fig on a Bagel Chip. Oh yeah, Pie ala Mode! Grain- Most. Bread, of course. Cornbread especially. Cake, most Cookies, Pastries, Donuts, Soft Pretzels, with butter on Corn, on Rice Checks with milk… yeah, most grain. Vegetables- Most. All raw vegetables youwould snack on; simply dip (A top secret here is dill pickles. See, we told you some of these seem contrary. Carry on, remembering this is an “or” list, not an “and” list.) With butter on steamed Asparagus, Green Beans and Brussels Sprouts. On Green Salads when combined with fruit, and/or feta and/or oriental dressings. Combine with Olive Oil for a Sweet Vinaigrette. Fish- Yes, fish. As a glaze before Grilling or Baking Fish. Salmon is a favorite. Really good on Smoked Salmon. Meat- You can go right ahead and put some on the saltier or salted meats. On others you would add it to Marinades or Barbeque Sauce in place of other vinegars to “punch them up”. Alright, you get the idea. It’s is one of the few things you can pair with any category of food; grain, meat, fish, fruit, vegetable and dairy. But wait! Carmelized Balsamic Vinegar is also good on its own. A half teaspoon is great as a nonalcoholic before meal aperitif, or a digestif after.
  • What are the ingredients?


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